The Benefits of Life Insurance

Everyone born into this world at some point in their life must die. Death is a real but hard truth to accept. There are circumstances beyond our control that makes this inevitable. We have to be prepared for this, and this preparation must start early. Having life insurance gives us peace of mind and the knowing that if anything was to happen and death comes, there is financial security in place. There are different plans and options to choose from, and each one has its pros and cons. The earlier in life you purchase a plan, the cheaper the cost. While this is one of the essential decisions you will make, it is not the most important decision you will make.

Living life to its fullest is a desire for all people. Some people create a bucket list of things that they want to do before they die. Some succeed at completing this list, and some do not. Some people make a Vision Board that contains a collage of thoughts that describe how we want our life to unfold. Do you think “Accept the invitation of Jesus Christ” was the first thing on the bucket list? Do you think a picture of the cross or Church was cut out and pasted onto the Vision Board? Why do you think people find it hard to accept a gift that they are being offered? Who doesn’t like FREE???

I could list multiple reasons for people turning from God, beginning with Church hurt to finding it impossible for a person to serve a God that they cannot see. The truth of the matter is God is real. He is not a fiction story that people have made up and passed down from generation to generation. God is the Creator of life and this world that we are living in. Take time to sit down with an open mind and study the book of Genesis. It will leave you in awe of the God that we serve, but as for me, it fortified the strength and the wisdom that my God possesses.

The truth is, God loves you. He loved you so much that He decided that He would remove any hindrance from you being able to have access to Him. God loved you so much that He gave up a part of Himself for you. God sent His Son Jesus to live on Earth, knowing that He would eventually die. The love God has for you runs so deep that He did whatever it took to ensure that you could live. He made sure that there would be no excuses. The death of His Son Jesus removed every reason that there was for a person to deny Him and be denied access to Him. Why do I say that?

While here on Earth, Jesus lived a perfect life. He did his father’s will by teaching about God, baptizing, healing, and performing miracles. Jesus gave real tangible proof that God is real, yet some people found it hard to believe. It is the same way today. God’s miracles, signs, and wonders are still happening today, but yet people overlook and chalk it up as luck or science. Science nor man can compare to the intellect of a God that created it. Things do not just happen. When I go to the beach, it now has more significant meaning when I watch the waves in the ocean crash back and forth. Have you ever stared at the water? It looks endless. A unique element to the water is how it knows just how far to come up but then return is truly amazing. What is holding the water in place? I will give you a hint; it has absolutely nothing to do with science.

Another truth about God is that He does not expect you to be in a perfect state to accept Him. I mentioned in a previous blog that a creator knows its creation. God is our Creator. God knows you inside out. He knows what you are thinking. God knows about your addiction to porn, drugs, or sex. God knows if you have an issue with being mean. God knows if you feel unworthy to be loved or forgiven. He knows that secret that you said you would take to the grave. God knows all of that, yet He still wants and desires us all. I think we find it hard to believe that a God like this can be so forgiving and full of so much mercy and grace, but He is. What about a murderer or a child molester? Read Luke 23. This book talks about the crucifixion of Jesus. It also talks about the two thieves that were crucified for the crime that they committed. Yes, people break the law, and some of them are hideous crimes, and they have to pay the price for what they have done, but they have a soul too, and yes, God wants them also.

Accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior is a heart thing. It does not require a big show or a crowd of witnesses. Accepting Christ is between you and God. Once you accept Christ as your personal Savior, His job is to begin working on the inside of you. Your job is to allow him. After accepting Christ, you continue to live life but this time with your faith in God. I would be telling you a lie if I said that life turns into this bubble where nothing can penetrate you or try to harm you. You will still face tests and trials, but the difference is you will have the Creator of the Universe fighting your battles on your behalf. If that is not encouraging, I don’t know what is. The God that created the very Earth would now cover you every single day.

Starting a life with Christ can bring many questions; therefore, it is essential to know that you cannot do it alone. Allow God to lead you to a local Church. It would be best if you were around people who want to see you grow and mature in Christ. Hebrews 10:25 talks about not forsaken the assembling of ourselves. You need tangible people you can talk to, who will pray for you, and hold you accountable. Just like having life insurance brings a peace of mind when death comes, ensuring that you are saved and in right standing with God brings a greater level of peace. There is the security in knowing that eternity will be spent with Father God because you made the decision to give your life to Christ. If you are ready to accept this gift that I have been talking about it is very simple. Just pray the following prayer:

Father God,

I confess that I am a sinner in need of forgiveness. I believe that your Son, Jesus, died on the cross for my sins. I believe that He rose from the dead and now lives. Jesus, I ask you to come into my heart and save me. I ask you to take control of my life. Lead and guide me, and I will follow you all the days of my life. In Jesus’ name. Amen

If you prayed this prayer, congratulations!! Welcome to your fresh start in life. I would love to hear about your experience and be in prayer with you as you begin your new beginning in Christ. Please go over to the Prayer/Contact page and submit a form.

2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Life Insurance”

  1. This is a topic that truly needs to be shared. If you need a fresh start, try Jesus. It will be the best decision you ever made and the benefits of serving Him are eternal!

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