Just Ask Him

I John 5:14-15 says, “this is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us–whatever we ask–we know that we have what we asked of him.” I am a witness that God indeed takes care of his people, and He will be whatever we need if we ask. The definition of the word source is a place, person, or thing from which something comes or can be obtained. In this blog, I share two testimonies of how God has proven himself to me as a source financially and as a source of protection.

Financial Source

I became a teenage mother to my first son in 1999, and later in 2000, I gave birth to my youngest. Being a single mother was not an easy task. I moved out on my own and became solely responsible for the bills and my sons’ caretaking responsibilities. I was employed and in school. My goal was to make a better life for my children. I wanted to make sure that they would have no excuse not to succeed. When I started going to church and began learning who God is, I was also in the process of really getting to know who I was to Him. I learned that God loves me and because I belong to Him, He was responsible for providing for my every need. Being a baby Christian, this was indeed a faith walk for me. My parents taught me about tithes when I got my first job. Hearing about tithes in the church was nothing new for me, but I was now putting it into practice. I trusted God and took Him at His Word when it came to Malachi 3:8-11. I was faithful in paying my tithes consistently. I paid my tithes off my income’s gross, and I paid my offering. Sometimes people struggle with this and decide to pass on paying their tithes and state that I have bills to pay, so God understands. I had bills to pay too, but because of my faithfulness and consistency with paying my tithes, God provided, and every one of my bills was paid with no problem. I learned during this season that God was and still is my source. When I made up in my mind that I would do this God’s way, He proved himself to me. He gave me wisdom on paying bills strategically, and I received favor with people in my obedience. I learned discipline in this season.

As I mentioned before, I was working and going to school. I worked with the school system as an assistant by day and attended classes at night at East Carolina University. After taking all the night classes that I could at ECU, I had to complete the rest of my required courses that were offered during the day. I sought God and decided to stop working so that I could finish up school. Some of my coworkers were supportive, and some of them called me crazy. They said you have two children, and you are a single parent. Why would you quit a State Job? I did what God told me to do. He gave me wisdom on how and what bills to pay up.

In this season, I experienced several unexpected checks that would come at the right time every single time. My children and I never went without while I was completing school. This period was God’s opportune time to show me just how much He loved me and that He still had a plan for my life. I want to encourage you to continue to do as God instructs you. If you are a single parent trying to make ends meet, trust God and allow Him to be your source. Don’t think that He has forsaken you because He has not. I believe God gives single parents a strength like no other when they are entirely dependent upon Him. God will place the right people in your life to help support and encourage you. Even now that I am married, my husband and I clearly understand who our source is. We have always trusted God to be whatever we need, and we still do.

Source of Protection

God has proven to be a source of protection for me. Psalms 91 talks about God being our refuge and shelter. I am a firm believer that God will give warnings to His people through dreams, His Word, other people, or He will speak directly to you. On the early morning of November 26, 2007, I boarded the bus along with my coworker and her two children. As usual, I ensured both children were secure in their seats before we began our driving journey to pick up children for school. We were maybe 15 minutes into the drive, and I was looking outside the window when I heard the Holy Spirit say, “pray.” I shook it off, and then the Holy Spirit came back stronger and said, “no, this is for your life, pray.” So I began praying in the spirit or as other call praying in tongues. As soon as I stopped praying and looked down, the bus started to flip over, and all I could say was “Jesus.” I remember one of my coworker’s sons falling into my arms. Everything stopped just as soon as it started. When the bus stopped moving and opened my eyes, I noticed the bus was on its side. There was broken glass everywhere. I heard screams from my coworker and her youngest son. My coworker was trapped, and she asked me to make sure her sons were okay. The boys and I crawled out of the bus. We were met by people who had witnessed the accident and pulled over to help. I called 911, and then I looked at the bus. I realized that it was resting on top of a car. That day my coworker, her sons, myself, and the man driving the vehicle made it out alive. Unfortunately, his son did not. The day after the accident, it sunk in how much God loves me and that he does hear me.

There are a lot of times that I can think of where God had kept me even when I did not know that I was being kept. Before I became serious about my walk with Christ, I can think of times that I put myself in dangerous situations that could have cost me my life, but God. Just like me, I am sure that you can think of the times that God has spared your life or your loved one’s life. That’s why it does not take much for me to give God praise or worship. You have to understand a person’s story before judging them on why they praise as they do or why they act the way they do. Even as you read this blog, God has been good to you. God has kept you during some severe trials. You owe Him. I encourage you not to hold back on showing your love and appreciation to Him.

Maybe you are in a season where it seems like nobody understands, or it may seem that no one is willing to be there for you. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe God is trying to get your attention? Perhaps He is trying to get you to see that He is there, and He has been there the whole time, but you have not taken the time to notice. Sometimes we humans tend to go to other humans for comfort, support, advice, or to talk. God is saying to come to Him. Why do we go to a person first and God last? There is a saying when you have tried everything else, try God. Why can’t we try Him first? Especially when He is the one that has the answer. We prolong the answer to our situations by seeking everything else but God. God wants to be whatever you need. He can be our source for peace, joy, healing, strength, and anything else we may need. All you have to do is ask.

1 thought on “Just Ask Him”

  1. Well said Anita. Thank you, once again, for reminding us to simply ask for God’s provision in faith and refuse to give up until we see the promise manifested!


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