Grow Through Your Pain

To say the phrase grow through your pain doesn’t seem like the words go together in a sentence. The definition of pain is physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury. The definition of growing is becoming greater over a period of time, increasing. Naturally, when you are experiencing pain, you do whatever you need to do to stop it, but there is some pain that we cannot control, and we must endure and grow from it. Sometimes we experience pain that hurts us to our core, but it also establishes us, roots, and grounds us. How is this so? When we as Christians make up in our minds that we will live for Christ no matter what comes or goes, we are tested on it. Although we are not of this world, we still live in it. Therefore, we will experience situations that are not good, but it is for our good if we understand who we are.

When Jesus walked this earth, he was the only perfect human being. He did nothing wrong, yet He was accused, mocked, tortured, beaten, and died. All of this because He went throughout the world telling people about God. Where is the fairness in that? Jesus knew this was going to happen, yet He chose to do this because of his love for every human being, saved or not. Jesus did not allow the pain that He suffered as he was taunted and ridiculed to stop Him because He knew His purpose. Do you know your purpose? When you know your purpose, you will see the reason for the pain that you experience. When you know your purpose, you know that there are some tests and trials that you will have to go through to reach your full potential and be all that God is calling you to be. When you know your purpose, you understand that the pain you go through can help others.

Some women who have given birth will tell you that getting pregnant was the easy part. Carrying the baby and giving birth is the hard part. When the sperm fertilizes the egg, this begins the process of human life. There is destiny on the outside of the mother’s womb that awaits the child. There is a life filled with plans, dreams, purpose, and goals waiting on the child to fulfill. But first, there is a preparation that must happen. For months that child has to stay right where they are to develop fully. Why? If the child comes before it is fully developed, then the risk of death is significant. The organs, vessels, hair, skin, fingernails, etc., have to develop. The mother goes through the painful process of stretching skin, organs pushed out of the way and pressed on to accommodate the baby’s growth. While the mother experiences vomiting, swollen ankles, hands, feet, nose, heartburn, and headaches, growth is happening inside her. While the mother eats more than usual and experiences hormonal changes, growth is happening inside her. Growth is happening when the mother experiences shortness of breath and dizziness. She endures this for months until it is time to give birth.

Likewise, we must endure the situations that bring us pain. Jesus did not grow bitter at the people. He asked God to forgive them because they had no idea what they were doing. The people did not realize that the greatest act of love that one could show was about to occur. A mother does not grow bitter at the child she is carrying because of her changes. There is an understanding of the process that comes along with it. In the beginning, the doctors and nurses talk with the mother about each pregnancy stage and what she can expect to happen. We cannot grow tired and weary at our test. Galatians 6:9 says, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.” Don’t grow tired. Grow up. Allow this pain that you feel to fortify your faith and push you to the level God is trying to take you. Remind yourself that something good is coming out of this. Once the mother gives birth, she has the pleasure of holding and pouring love into her special gift that will bring her so much joy. When Jesus gave His life on the cross for you and me, He declared, “it is finished.”

No situation, no test, and no trial can undo what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. His death covered everything. HIS DEATH WAS NOT IN VAIN; IT COVERED EVERYTHING!! So again, remind yourself that something good is coming out of this. Do the opposite of what you are feeling. I can testify and say that I know how it feels when you are going through. It does not feel good, but we have got to remember to whom we belong. God did not bring us this far to leave us now. There is so much more work to do. Hear me…there is more for you to do. This is not the end. Declare over yourself that God will take this situation that brings me pain and make it for my good. Hold on to your joy. Hold on to your peace. Don’t let go, and don’t give in to worry or anxiety. Don’t ponder on the what-ifs. Trust in the great “I AM.” Rest assured that God has gotten every situation under control. He sees you, and He knows how you feel.

In life, there will be times we are not going to know the answers to why we go through certain things. When you do something wrong and suffer the consequences for it and there is an understanding of what is going on. It is different when situations arise out of nowhere. During those situations, you trust God, and you speak life. What happens when you don’t see the change you were looking for or a problem does not go how you trusted God for it to go? What did you do then? You continue to trust Him. Just because you don’t see the change does not mean that change is not happening. Walking with God requires faith. We put our trust and our hope in God. When we do this, there is an understanding that even though I don’t understand, God, you know what is best for me, and you are in control. God wants our complete dependence on Him. God can do anything but fail. Know that God is more than the pain that you are feeling. He is more than the test or trial that you are going through. Cast all your cares on Him and allow Him to take care of them. Rest in Him and grow through it!

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  1. Thank you for reminding us that we will have to endure growing pains in order to reach our full potential in Christ! The pain may be uncomfortable, but is is necessary!

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