Fighting Against All Odds

We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments. 2Corinthians 10:4 NLT

Webster defines the word odds as the probability that one thing is so or will happen rather than another. What does it look like to fight against something where the probability of you winning looks dim? It looks like prayer, praise, and worship.

Sometimes prayer can be looked at as a complicated task when it is not. Prayer is simply talking to God. There is an exchange that takes place when we talk to Father God. We go to Him, expressing the thankfulness and gratitude that we have towards Him. We take time to talk about what is on our hearts and minds. We remind Him of His Word and promises to us. While fighting a battle that the world may say is impossible, prayer is essential. Prayer is one of the most effective tools we have as a believer and follower of Christ. Have you ever noticed the difference between how you feel before you start praying and how you feel after you finish praying? During prayer, there is an exchange that goes on between you and God. As you talk to God, you are unloading the negative thoughts and doubts that try to plague your mind and heart. As you remind God of His Word and promises, you also remind yourself of His faithfulness.

You hear yourself speak the Word of God, and it registers in your heart. What is even more powerful and effective is when you are quiet and listen and allow God to minister back to you. It is during your prayer time that you gain strength and instructions. I know for a fact that God will speak to you what your next move needs to be while you are in this battle. Think about it. Have you ever struggled when it is time to pray? Have you ever gotten sleepy or had racing thoughts cross your mind? Keep pressing past the distractions, and don’t allow them to take your focus.

What does praise have to do with my battle? It has everything to do with what you are going through. Praise is another powerful weapon that we have. It is an outward expression of gratitude and thankfulness that we show to God for who He is and what He has already done. Take time to think about the last time you forgot about everything and everyone and praised God. It was just you and Him. You have to do the opposite of how you feel. When you are in the heat of a battle, it is tough, and it seems like everything is coming against you. When you lift your hands unto God, it is a sign of surrendering everything unto Him. You take your hands off and allow God to fight this battle that He fixed from the beginning. We cannot forget that Jesus won the battle on Calvary. This very situation that you are going through may have taken you by surprise, but not God. Do you think that God can be taken by surprise? He knows everything. Being human, we like to know. We want to be able to prepare and make sure things are in order before an event happens. In life, some things can happen out of the blue and catch us off guard. There is peace in knowing that the God we serve is never caught off guard, and He has already delivered us and ensured our victory! That is why we praise God. That is why we lift our hands, cry, bow down, run, or sway from side to side. Everyone praises God differently and in their own way. When praise goes forth, it puts a seal on what we already know, we win. God takes care of what belongs to Him.

Worship is more intimate. Anyone can praise, but it takes a relationship to worship. In worship, it is not about asking for anything; it’s about pouring out your love and adoration on God. Why is this important when you are in a battle? Let’s think about it. What happens when you focus your attention and every thought on one thing? You are not thinking about anything else. In worship, you are not focused on anything or anyone else but God. This is the time and moment where you love God and express your gratitude to Him. All battles and situations take a back seat to God. The more you focus your time and attention on God, the less you worry or stress over something that you can’t handle. During true worship, God makes His presence known. When you created an atmosphere of worship, you are, in essence, giving God an invitation to inhabit the space where you are. What happens when you get in the presence of God?

As you love on Him, He in turns loves on and strengthens you. You are surrounded by peace, clarity, and love. Think about it; there is no confusion in God’s presence. Depression and hurt cannot linger in the presence of God. What about when the moment of worship ends? Does worship truly end? The life that we live is supposed to reflect a lifestyle of worship unto God. Remember, the act of worship is more about God. Are we not supposed to live a life that is pleasing to Him? As we do that, we bring glory to Him. True, we are human, and we will make mistakes. We are not perfect, and thankfully God is not expecting us to be. He wants a genuine relationship with us.

We all have to go through some tests and trials because we are here on this earth. There is a blessing in knowing that we have the victory in Christ Jesus. Before we entered the fight, it was fixed on our behalf. Just because the heat is turned up does not mean you quit. Keep pressing in prayer. Keep God’s Word and promises before Him and speak life. Don’t stop praising God for your victory. God deserves all the glory. Again, this did not catch Him by surprise. Allow peace to fill your heart and mind knowing God already made a way of escape or provided an answer for you. Make sure that you are not the cause of your situation getting worse by choosing to do things your way. Above all else, live a life of victory.

2 thoughts on “Fighting Against All Odds”

  1. Thank you for sharing this powerful reminder of the effective tools that we can use when we face tests and trials that seem to beat us down. May the Lord continue to give you nuggets to encourage his children during these challenging times!


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