Praise in the Good and Bad

When should we praise God? Do we praise God when things are going well, or should we praise Him when things seem to be going out of control? The Bible says to let everything that has breathe praise ye the Lord. Giving God praise should not be limited. We should always praise God despite the season we find ourselves in. Why is praise so critical? The definition of praise is to express a favorable judgment of; to glorify, especially by the attribution of perfections.

When things go wrong in our home or jobs, does that take away from the goodness of God? If we pray and ask God for a specific thing and it does not happen, does that mean God is not able? Does your view of God change if a long-time friendship ends or the spouse you are married to walks out on you? What if you experience the death of a loved one? Do you blame God? When we experience hardships in life, it can be rough. As humans, we sometimes find it easier to blame someone or something else instead of looking at what we have done. There are times when there is no one to blame, and situations happen because it is a part of life. If there is a lack of understanding, people will choose to blame God instead of taking the time to praise God. How can I praise God when I have some much going on? When we focus our attention on God, we don’t have time to worry. Worrying is the opposite of what the Word of God encourages us to do. Praising God during pain, stress, and worry is an outward expression that says God I will trust you despite what I see and what I feel. Despite what happens, my praise will not stop. When you understand who God is and what He can do, nothing hinders your praise. Why? You know that when you praise God, your situation must line up. God sees the sacrifice and the determination when you make a choice to praise Him instead of magnifying the problem and He honors that.

What about when things are going well? In those moments when there are no problems or issues, and it seems like you are on top of the world, one may get slack on seeking God and giving Him honor. We still have so much to be grateful for, even when things are going smooth in our lives. He is the reason that things are going so well. It is so easy to get caught up in enjoying our time and living life to its fullest. With each time that is passing by, we spend less and less time with Him. We have to remember that God deserves our praise even in the best of times. Earlier I mentioned the Bible tells us to let everything that has breathe praise the Lord. It never said in only the bad times. Have you ever had a friend or a family member call you, and the first thing that comes to mind is they want something? The only time they come around is when they need something. How do you think God feels when we only seek him or give Him adoration when we need something? That saying God is so good, I can’t tell it all is so true. God keeps us from dangers seen and unseen. He has kept us from harm when we didn’t even know we were headed into it. There are some experiences in life that God saves us from having to go through. He does so much for us daily we honestly cannot praise Him enough. Think of where you should be because of your past choices, but because of His grace and mercy, He kept you.

It does not matter if everything is going well or if things are going wrong. God deserves your praise. Your praise is a weapon; use it. Don’t let doubt, worry, or fear hold you back from praising God. Life may be going well for you, but don’t let it distract you from giving God glory for His wonderful works. Everything good that has happened in your life is because of Him. It is not because you are so talented or gifted. Remember He gave you the gift and talent. Again, some things may occur because of our choices, or sometimes bad things happen. This still does not change or take away from who God is. The God that can do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ask, think, or imagine according to the power that worketh in us. Keep praising your way through your situation.

1 thought on “Praise in the Good and Bad”

  1. What a powerful reminder to followers of Christ . We must to learn how to praise God in both the good times & the bad times. This simple act of faith takes our focus off of the problem and places it on Jesus!


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