No Time for Distractions!

When things are going well and you are moving in the right direction, sometimes distractions will come along, and try to take your focus off the goal ahead. Webster defines distraction as something that distracts: an object that directs one’s attention away from something else. Distractions can come in different forms, such as unexpected bills, children, co-workers, family, or friends. Whatever the distraction maybe, we cannot allow our focus to be taken.

Have you ever noticed when you designate a time to pray, and a distraction happens? Maybe the phone rings, or a racing thought comes across your mind. What about that all of a sudden yawn accompanied by the heavy eyelids that want to close? You were just fine and full of energy before you sat down to pray, and now suddenly, you feel like you want to go to sleep. Distractions, distractions, distractions! Our prayer time is sacred because it is a time that we set aside to talk to God. During that prayer time, you are strengthened, encouraged, reassured, given instructions, and it is also a time of worship. We are empowered through prayer. It is in our prayer time that battles are fought. The Word of God is being released into the atmosphere to go and create change, heal, set free, and deliver. No wonder it can be such a fight to get into a posture of prayer.

Again, distractions can come at any time and in any form. Have you ever been focused on creating a brand for yourself or launching a business, and everything is going fine until you start seeing people’s true colors? Everything is fine until God starts elevating you. You experience hurt from the people you thought were in your corner. Distractions, distractions, distractions. You cannot allow other people’s insecurities to stop you. Everyone has the opportunity to work hard to bring to life their dreams and goals. Don’t let anyone stop your shine!! You have come too far to stop moving towards your goals. Never be afraid of success. Never be ashamed of the creativity that God has placed on the inside of you. The gift and the talent you have comes from Father God. Why would He give you the gift or talent if He did not want you to use it? Why would God give you the dream or the vision if He was not going to ensure it comes to past? When you move in God’s timing, you are on time. When you do not move in God’s timing, you are headed for disaster. Stay in constant communication with God and allow Him to order your steps.

Distractions are everywhere, and we must be on guard at all times. I recently read about the Queen’s Guards. The Queen’s Guards are the soldiers that you see guarding Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family. Have you ever noticed how disciplined they are? They are focused no matter what visitors or tourists may do or say. They stare straight ahead without smiling. The only time you hear them say anything is when they yell the command, “Make way for the Queen.” That’s how focused and intent we have to be when it comes to anything that we do. We cannot allow distractions to steal our focus. We must be disciplined and intentional when it comes to our actions and reaching our goals. We cannot give any time or focus to distractions!

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