God Is With You!

Sometimes we can face some very challenging situations. There are moments where you may feel that you cannot handle everything that is coming at you. You are right; you can’t, but God can. Remember that God is right there with you every step of the way. God promised to be shelter, protection, strength, and peace. God is a promise keeper, and He is faithful to His word. God’s power and abilities supersede all understanding. Although we may grow weary, God never gets tired, and He never loses faith. There is no situation or problem you can bring to Him that He does not understand. God keeps us balanced. He steadies us when we feel like we are going to fall. We can rest in the promises of God with a knowing that if He said it, it shall come to pass. Be encouraged, and don’t stop trusting God. Even in your darkest moments, He is there. Shine the light on those dark moments by speaking the Word of God. Lift your eyes to the Lord and allow Him to strengthen you through your praise and worship unto Him. Keep pressing forward and let God order your steps. God loves you, and He wants to see you prosper, be in good health, and live a successful life in Him. Allow God to have His way by allowing Him to lead the way. God is up for the challenge, and He will not fail because it is not in His nature! Be encouraged and know that God is with you!

2 thoughts on “God Is With You!”

  1. What awesome words of encouragement. Everyone is facing something or has faced something that has made them feel this way. Being reminded that God can do the impossible and that he is always there is an amazing feeling. Even in the midst of a pandemic he is ready, willing, and able.


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