Be Who God Created You to Be

Have you ever been in a place in your life where you felt like things were good and everything was going smooth when all of a sudden, a change takes place? Sometimes change can be very uncomfortable because it causes us to be stretched in areas that we don’t like. We get very comfortable with our lifestyle and our daily routines. Then a change comes, and it causes a shift.

What we fail to realize is change can be a very positive thing. The word change in noun form is defined as the act or instance of making or becoming different. I don’t know about you, but I have learned to embrace change as a positive thing. There can be different levels of change—a transparent moment for me. I used to go through phases when it came to my hair, but one day last year, in 2020, I decided I wanted a change. I was battling for days with the idea of cutting my hair. Finally, I decided that I was going to do it. After I got off work, I came home, looked at my husband, and told him my decision about cutting my hair. He looked at me and said, okay. I went into our bathroom, took his clippers, and proceeded to cut my hair off. It may sound weird to you, but as I was standing in the mirror watching my hair fall to the sink, the biggest smile came upon my face. It was like a weight had been lifted. I felt liberated. I decided to go natural, and I have been that way ever since.

What does cutting your hair off have to do with change. That day confirmed a new way of thinking for me. When you have been bound by tradition, it causes certain ways of thinking. As my mind became renewed in the Word of God and I began to learn that God is not a tradition, I began to look at things in a different light. I believe God created everyone in His image. I also think He gave us our personality and style. I am embracing and becoming comfortable with who God created me to be. One of the things that I battled was low self-esteem. I struggled with comparison and not being understood. Over the years, as I began to learn about God and how He sees me, my thought process and how I saw myself changed.

Everyone has different styles, gifts, and talents, and this is a good thing. What would the world be like if everyone was the same? Pretty dull, right? Embrace who God created you to be. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and shaped in our Father’s image. It’s okay to be different. The sooner you get over the people test, the happier you will be. What is the people test? When you worry about what other people may say. Please do not take my words out of context and do something entirely out of order. I am simply saying it is okay to be the you that God created. Walk out the plans that He has for your life, not someone else’s plan. Learn to not only stay on your page but write your own story on your page.

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