Walking by Faith

When people go on a trip or a vacation as humans, we like to know ahead of time what will happen. We want to plan things out, so we know what to expect, what to bring, or how to dress. Knowing what to expect ahead of time gives a sense of security and allows us to feel in control.

When you surrender your life to Christ and choose to follow Him, this requires having faith. We don’t get to know the complete plan of God ahead of time. Our relationship with Christ is built upon trust. We are to place our faith in God, and we choose to believe the journey He leads us on will work out in our favor and bring us into all of the promises that we are entitled to as heirs to the Kingdom of God. Not knowing is the part that we struggle with. When a person is so used to being in control and knowing everything that will happen, it becomes a little scary to give that up. John 16:33 (Amplified Version) encourages us to be confident and filled with joy because God has already overcome the world. That means anything that tries to come against us can’t stand against the plans and promises of God. Father God has already gone before you and me and prepared the way. Regardless of what a doctor’s report says, choose to believe the report of the Lord, which says by His stripes you are healed!! Does this mean you dismiss what the doctors instruct you to do? Absolutely not. Choosing to believe God at His Word is an act of faith. While taking the prescribed medicine, you are making confessions of healing. While receiving treatments, you thank God because you realize that doctors and the prescribed drugs treat the symptoms, but God does the healing and the restoring. With that being said, we can rest assured that nothing catches Him by surprise.

Learn to let go and let God have His way in every area of your life. God has incredible plans for all of us, and He wants to see us prosper and be in good health. He truly wants us to experience Heaven here on earth. Remember that our way of thinking cannot compare to His. Learn to think like Him! Learn to ask God what He wants you to see or get out of this current situation you may be facing. It may be as simple as God growing your faith, or it could be His way of preparing you for the next level in Him! Whatever it is, trust the process and allow God to do what He is doing. Another reason we find it so hard to let God lead the way is that we don’t want to go through anything. Think about it if we had the option of never having to deal with a situation that brings pain, we would choose the easy route. But what does the pain we experience do? If you allow it, it can serve as fuel to push you to your next level.

Being transparent, it was the broken heart that I experienced that led me to Christ. I remember on a Saturday, the guy that I was dating walked away. The following Sunday, when I woke up that morning, my heart was heavy, and life seemed dark. I did not want to go to church, but I visited a church I was invited to. Honestly, I don’t remember anything that was taught on that morning. All I knew was my heart was hurting. The altar call came, and I went up for prayer. At that time, I did not know the Pastors of the church, and they did not know me. The Co-Pastor looked at me and said, “He walked away.” Needless to say, the tears commenced flowing even harder. God met me there at the alter on that day. The healing process of the pain that I had been carrying began that day.

We have to understand that we will experience hurt on this life journey. There are times where we will find ourselves frustrated or disappointed. As we grow in Christ, we learn how to see what we consider disappointments as there is something better. Going back to my transparent moment, I now understand that he was not the one for me and the best thing that he could have done was walk away. God had prepared my Boaz, so Bozo had to get out of the way! We must allow God to have control of every part of our life, and this requires us to walk by faith and not by sight.

1 thought on “Walking by Faith”

  1. Amen! Thank you for reminding us how important it is to walk by faith. It is absolutely essential if we want to experience all that God has for us!


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