Keep Up With the Beat of God

Have you ever gone shopping in a store with children? Depending upon the child, this might not be an easy task. You go into the store with a made-up mind of what you will purchase. You walk to find the item you need when the child(ren) with you pulls away because they want to go down the toy aisle. You redirect the child, but they become upset because they have already spotted a toy that they want. When you tell them no, the tears commence to flow, and for some children, the temper tantrum starts.

Do you know we can do God the same way? Psalms 32:8 says I will instruct you & teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you. Think about it; God has a plan for the believer’s life. He has strategically provided a blueprint for our lives. But what happens? We allow other people or things to get our attention. Imagine God is the parent in the store, and we are the child following Him. God is trying to lead us through this journey, but we get sidetracked with the things of life. We, as believers, throw temper tantrums when things don’t work out our way. Can you picture it?

We have to learn how to keep up with the beat of God. A rapper named Ludacris made a song entitled “Stand Up.” The hook to the song is “When I move, you move, just like that.” That’s what we have to do when it comes to being followers of Christ. We have to learn how to keep up with Him and not try to do things our way. Make a decision today…am I going to do it God’s way or my way? Remember, you can’t do both. The Bible reminds us that our ways are not His ways and His thoughts are higher than ours. God is constantly speaking; therefore, instructions are given, the direction is given, and clarity is given. Are you keeping up with Him and taking notes? Allow this to serve as a reminder that God knows you best and He is willing to lead the way but ask yourself are eager to keep up with the beat of God.

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