Get Up and Get Moving

I was reading a book and a verse became so real that I had to share it with you. In Exodus, Chapter 14 picks up with Moses and the Israelites being pursued by Pharaoh and his army. Fear filled their hearts when the Israelites noticed Pharaoh and his army coming after them. They cried out to Moses and asked why he brought them out of Egypt. They stated it would have been better for them to stay and be slaves than to come out and die. It is incredible what fear does to your memory and thought process when it has a hold on you. If you allow it, fear will erase every recollection of every victory you have ever experienced.

Specifically, in verse 13, Moses reassures the people that leaving Egypt was not a mistake. He told them to remain calm and don’t be afraid and to stand there and watch the Lord save them. Verse 15 is what blew my mind. In the ERV (Easy Read Version) version, verses 15-16 says, “Then the Lord said to Moses, “Why are you still crying to me? Tell the Israelites to start moving. Raise the walking stick in your hand over the Red Sea, and the sea will split. Then the people can go across on dry land.” God asked them why they were standing there crying to Him. He then said raise the walking stick in your hand and split the sea. That was the way out.

Standing still and allowing God to fight your battles does not mean that you are standing in a position of defeat or weakness. I am posing that same question to you. Why are you still crying and standing still when God has already given you the keys, the instructions, the escape route? When you are standing still and allowing God to fight your battles, you take a posture of faith and a position of worship and prayer. During these times, God will give you answers, clarity, and a plan and then you move on it. When the Israelites began speaking out of fear, they wanted to return to what they thought was easier and familiar. They wanted to go back into the bondage that God had delivered them from. For years the Israelites believed that God would deliver them out of slavery. When God finally does it, and the opposition is met, they are willing to return to the bondage from which they were delivered.

We pray and ask God for a wife or a husband because we desire to be married, but then you get into the marriage you realize that it takes work. After time you grow tired of arguing over simple things, and you want to call it quits because it’s too hard instead of praying, communicating, compromising, and seeking guidance if needed. You have a desire to start a business but lose all excitement when you realize what it will take to do it. You allow fear to creep in, and instead of dismissing the fear, you give in to it and change your mind. What about the book that you are supposed to publish? Ask yourself what is holding you back?

As a child God, He has given you the authority to operate and move in the path he has for your life. The God we serve is big; therefore, the desires that He gives us will be bigger than us. Don’t allow what God wants to do through you, scare you. Give thanks to Him for choosing you and start moving in His will for your life.

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