Shed the Weight

Have you ever wondered what really happens to your body when you lose weight? What are the benefits of it? Medical professionals state that losing weight can lower cholesterol and blood levels, lower blood pressure, reduce stress on the bones and joints, and even benefit your heart by making it work less. Is there a downside to losing weight? There is no downside to losing weight; however, it causes discipline, which may seem like a downside. Discipline to cut out the foods that are not as healthy. Discipline to incorporate exercise when you want to sleep longer or just don’t want to get up. You have to be disciplined to retrain your thoughts about keeping your routine doctors’ appointments for yearly physicals, although you may not have seen a need for them.

Likewise, the Bible encourages us in Hebrews 12:1 to lay aside every weight and sin that so easily entangles us. First, let’s establish the difference between weight and sin. What is the difference between a weight and a sin? Weights are those things that hold you down or hold you back from moving in your purpose. Sin is what God specifically tells us not to do in His Word. An example of weight could be a toxic relationship that you are in. Another example of weight could be taking on a responsibility you are not called to take on. It is time to shed the weight so that you can move in the purpose and plan that God has for your life.

What happens when you continue to carry extra weight on your physical body? You begin to experience physical ailments. It is the same in the spirit. When you carry weights, they slow you down from fulfilling your purpose in life and have the potential to stop you all together and lead to spiritual death. This is very critical, and this is why God encourages us to lay them aside. You cannot freely move and operate the way you need to when restricted. It is time to identify what is restricting your movement. Just like our bodies were not created to carry extra weight in the natural, we were not designed to carry excess weight in the spirit.

I encourage you to take care of yourself naturally and spiritually. Just like you watch what you eat naturally, watch what you allow into your ear and eye gates and ensure that it is not causing more harm than good. Watch who you allow yourself to be linked to so you will not become contaminated with negativity. Feed yourself the Word of God so that your spirit man can receive all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that it needs to grow and become strong.

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