Filler Up!

I was reading a devotional one day, and it talked about the peace of God and how we should not allow the troubles that may surround us to take us out of His peace. It referenced multiple scriptures, but the one that stuck out to me is Psalms 105:4, which says, “Look to the Lord and his strength; seek His face always. I love that scripture because it reminds us that the Lord is our strength as long as we seek Him at all times. Life can present some pretty harsh situations sometimes, and some can seem unbearable. Although we may go through tough times, having God in our lives makes it bearable because He not only strengthens us but replenishes the joy and peace that real-life situations try to take. God constantly gives us what we need daily when we seek Him and rest in His presence. I liken it to a gas station where he is the tank, and all we have to do is pull up and start pumping. The only difference is we don’t have to pay anything; it’s free! We can also pump as much as we want. It is okay to allow the peace of God to spill over.

It’s okay to walk around with joy splashing everywhere you go. Allow someone to get wet with the strength spilling off of you. Really if you think about it, that is what it is all about. We are supposed to be fishermen of men. Matthew 4:19 says, “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” When we receive a fill-up from God, whether it is from a Sunday morning service, Bible Study night, revival, or our study time, we fill up to pour out. In the natural, why do we fill up our cars? We do it so our car can take us where we need to go. We don’t drive it to the gas station, then park it in the yard and wait for the gas to dissipate. We waste money, time, and gas to fill a car and just let it sit. When God speaks to our hearts and fills us with whatever we need, it is not just for us. It’s for others. Don’t be selfish; share! Share what God is doing in your life. Share what God lays on your heart to say. Sometimes it is a gentle reminder that God is good!

I want to encourage you to appreciate God’s presence in your life. What does that mean? Everyone shows appreciation to God in their way. I love music, and I listen to different genres of music. When a song comes on that makes me think of my husband, I smile and become giddy like a schoolgirl with a major crush. It is the same way with God. I love listening to and singing the words of songs that remind me of God and who He is to me. Sometimes I close my eyes and focus on Him, singing those love songs to Him. Sometimes I may shed a tear as I tell Him how grateful I am for who he has shown himself to be in my life. I truly understand how important it is to have God in my life. Without God, I am nothing. When I say God is my everything, He is!

Father God,

We thank you for being so good to us. Thank you for being our everything. You are truly the center of our joy. We ask you to help us to remain in your joy and peace despite what may be going on around us. Help us to overflow with your presence. We want you to shine bright in and through us. May we be a light that draws people to you! We love you and we appreciate you. In Jesus name Amen!

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