God is Near

Have you ever felt like there was a distance between you and God? Have you ever had so many things going on around you that has your attention to the point it gets hard to hear Him? How do you combat those feelings of being alone and thoughts that God is not there with you?… Continue reading God is Near

Find Your Strength

Growing up, I watched Popeye the Sailor Man. This cartoon was infamous for teaching kids the importance of eating healthy and spoke of particularly eating spinach. Popeye had an adversary named Bluto. If you have ever seen the cartoon, you know that Popeye is short and skinny compared to Bluto, who is taller and built.… Continue reading Find Your Strength

God Is With You!

Sometimes we can face some very challenging situations. There are moments where you may feel that you cannot handle everything that is coming at you. You are right; you can't, but God can. Remember that God is right there with you every step of the way. God promised to be shelter, protection, strength, and peace.… Continue reading God Is With You!